HyVisual 2.2-beta-3 - Hybrid System Visual Modeler

HyVisual Planet HyVisual 2.2-beta-3 is a block-diagram editor and simulator for hybrid systems.

Hybrid systems are systems with continuous-time dynamics, discrete events, and discrete mode changes. This visual modeler supports construction of hierarchical hybrid systems. It uses a block-diagram representation of ordinary differential equations (ODEs) to define continuous dynamics. It uses a bubble-and-arc diagram representation of finite state machines to define discrete behavior.

Note that a more recent release of HyVisual is available, see the Hyvisual page for details.

HyVisual 2.2 is a runtime only release of a subset of Ptolemy II.

For more information about HyVisual, see the HyVisual Documentation

Quick Start Instructions

HyVisual is available in several formats:

Web Start
Web Start is a tool from Sun that makes installation and updates particularly simple.
The Web Start installation works best with Windows, but has also been tried under Solaris, Linux and Mac OS X.
The Web Start installation does not include source, but behaves almost exactly like a standalone installation: you can save models locally, and you need not be connected to the net after the initial installation.
To download using Web Start, see the HyVisual 2.2-beta-3 Web Start page.
Windows Installer
To download a Windows Installer, see the HyVisual 2.2-beta-3 Windows Installer page.
Installers for platforms other than Windows
To install on platforms other than Windows, see the HyVisual 2.2-beta-3 Non-Windows Installer page.
Source code is not available for HyVisual 2.2
We plan on releasing the full source code of Ptolemy II in May, 2003
In the interim, please see the Ptolemy II 2.0.1 release for source code.