HyVisual 2.2-beta-3 Web Edition Download

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This download of HyVisual uses a web launching tool called Web Start that makes installation and updates particularly simple.

Quick Start

Installation Details

Web Start is a product from Sun that is used to download the HyVisual II 2.2-beta-3 Web Edition.

Note: If you are running under Mac OS X see HyVisual Notes for Mac OS X

  1. This web page attempts to detect whether Web Start is already installed. If the Quick Start list above contains
    Install Web Start from Sun (720KB - 8.6Mb)
    then download and install Web Start by following the Install Web Start from Sun (720KB - 8.6Mb) link.

    If you already have the Java Runtime Environment version 1.4 (JRE 1.4) or higher installed, you only need the Java Web Start Update, which is 720Mb.

    If you do not have the Java Runtime Environment installed, or you are not sure, then you would need to download the Full Java Web Start package (5.7Mb), which inclues a JRE.
    If the above step is not present, then Web Start is already installed and you can proceed with clicking on the

    HyVisual II 2.2-beta-3 Web Edition (~6.3Mb)
    link and continue with step 4 below.
  2. After installing Web Start, restart your browser and return to this page.
  3. Hopefully, the Web Start detection will work and the Install Web Start from Sun (720KB - 8.6Mb) step will not be present.
    Even if the Install Web Start step is present, try downloading and/or opening the HyVisual 2.2-beta-3 Web Edition (~6.3Mb), it could be that the Web Start detection has failed even though Web Start is properly installed.
    For example, under Opera 6.01 under Windows 2000, click on the HyVisual2.2-beta-3 Web Edition (~6.3Mb) link and select open. If Java Web Start has been installed, then it should start up automatically.
  4. The download is roughly 6.3Mb, roughly half the size of the application download is consumed by the documentation of the Ptolemy II Java classes and the user's manual.
  5. After the download completes, you will be prompted with a window that states that the certificate from University of California Berkeley is valid. You should hit the Start button to proceed with start up.

This page covers installing HyVisual via Web Start

Other formats include:

  • Installing HyVisual via a traditional Windows Installer
  • Installing HyVisual via an installer on platforms other than Windows