Plot data read from a URL

The plot below obtains its data from a data file at a URL. The file format is PlotML, based on the popular internet language XML, extensible markup language.

No Java Plug-in support for applet, see

This plot shows certain features of the plotter. Note that color is disabled, and individual marks are used for the first ten data sets. After that, the marks are recycled, so the eleventh data set is indistinguishable from the first. (Had we used color, we would be able to distinguish up to 110 distinct datasets). Also note that the first two data sets are connected with lines, but the remaining data sets are not. The ranges for the horizontal and vertical axes are computed automatically from the data, but the tick marks for the horizontal axis are specified explicitly in the PlotML file. This is why they appear as words rather than numbers. Note further that each axis and each data set is labeled by a string given in the PlotML file. For details about the PlotML file format, see the Plot Chapter.

Note that because of a bug in Java 1.4.0_01, this applet may fail if it is being viewed on a local file system, see AccessControlException caused by spaces in path name for details.