Download Ptplot 5.8


Ptplot is available for download in several format.
Each of the formats contains the same functionality.
  • Tar and Zip files:
  • ptplot5.8.tar.gz - 2.0Mb Gzipped Tar File
  • - 2.4Mb Compressed Zip File
  • Build Instructions for Tar or Zip files
    Note that under Java 1.4.0_01, viewing local applets that have spaces in the path name may fail if the applet tries to download a data file. The workaround is to place the Ptplot distribution in a directory that does not have space in the pathname. For details, see the Troubleshooting Guide.
  • Installation Instructions

    1. Install Java, if necessary

    Ptplot 5.8 requires Java 1.4 or later.

    To run Ptplot, the Java runtime environment (JRE) is sufficient. To run the applets in a browser, the Java plug-in is required. The JRE is bundled with the plug-in, so downloading the plug-in is sufficient. To extend Ptplot with your own Java code, the Java development kit (JDK) or an equivalent Java development environment is required. The JDK includes a Java compiler.

    One way to determine what version of Java (if any) is installed is to run our Java Version Applet , which uses the Java 1.4 plug-in. Another way is to run the command below to see whether you have Java installed, and whether it is the proper version:

    java -version
    If the command cannot be found, or the version that is printed is less than 1.4, you should install the plug-in, JRE 1.4, or JDK 1.4


  • Full JDK, or other Platforms:
  • 2. Install Ptplot

  • There are three ways to install Ptplot on Windows machines:
  • Download the tar file and run using the java command
    1. Download ptplot5.8.tar.gz (2.0Mb)
    2. Untar the file. In this example, I untared it in d:\tmp so that d:\tmp\ptplot5.8 was created.
    3. The tar file contains sources and jar files, to run the plotter, start up a command window with Start -> Run -> cmd and type
      java -classpath d:/tmp/ptplot5.8/ptolemy/plot/plotapplication.jar ptolemy.plot.plotml.EditablePlotMLApplication
      There are also simple DOS batch files that will start up the Plotter. They depend on the PTII environment variable being set. You can set that variable and run the batch files with:
      C:\>set PTII=d:\tmp\ptplot5.8
      C:\>echo %PTII%
  • To extend Ptplot under Windows, you will also need the Cygwin toolkit, and then follow the Installation Instructions to set up your build environment.

  • Other Platforms:
  • Standard tar file and configure method:
    1. Download ptplot5.8.tar.gz (2.0Mb)
    2. Follow the Installation Instructions