• January 27, 2012: Pt1588: an open source implementation of IEEE 1588-2008 made available.
The ieee1588 workgroup is for collaboration between Agilent and Chess, primarily the Ptolemy project. IEEE 1588 is the Precision Time Protocol (PTP).

Membership is open to Agilent employees and academic CHESS members, other people who are eligible for a CHESS account may apply for membership.

Note that this group is mostly inactive, and that we are not accepting members who do not already have CHESS website accounts.

If you are interested in IEEE 1588, please see the conferences at http://www.ispcs.org/2008/index.html

Most of the content of this workgroup is in the ieee1588 workgroup forum and the ieee1588 workgroup mailing list (ieee1588 at chess eecs berkeley edu)

Mailing lists and discussion forums may be found under the ieee1588 link to the above left.

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