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Murphy Gant

Modeling Distributed Camera Networks with VisualSense

Weekly Updates

Week 1

I was introduced to VisualSense, the software that I will be relying on for a major portion of my work, the rest of the 8 week summer research session. A product of the Ptolemy Project through CHESS, the Center of Hybrid and Embedded Systems Software, this sophisticated wireless network simulation software will give me the capabilities of modeling the work of my colleagues, as well as that of my own, so that intellectual predictions can be made in the projections of the research. After installing and configuring the software for later use, I began reacquainting myself with Java object-oriented programming because it stands as an integral part of VisualSense.

Week 2

I began to work with my project partner, Lana Carnel, in order to get an idea of the type of code that was to be needed for the simulation of her work dealing with the sensor cameras. Seeing that her Matlab code demonstrated the processing of images into files for later use, I focused primarily on Java's I/O capabilities and began to plan how I was to mirror Lana's Matlab code all into Java.

Week 3

My progress of essentially converting of my partner and her mentor's Matlab code into Java is coming along steadily. I was out of the office all day on Monday because of a TRUST conference in Santa Cruz, but work is still on good schedule.

Week 4

This week as well as the outlook for the entire project's duration is to successfully implement all the created algorithms into the wireless communications simulation software, VisualSense. After this is done, I need to devise a scheme that will link all processes together for the completion of the distributed camera networks project.

Week 5

This week I met with mentor Parvez Ahammad, who I am teaming up with in the collaboration of the Distributed Camera Network research, in order to review plans of approach for the simulations of the project. I constructed a flow chart of all the necessary procedures as my plan of attack which made it possible for me to resolve all noticeable linking issues early.

Week 6

The simulation of a moving object in Cory Hall is complete. Now, I am reading camera vision articles to get a stronger understanding of the field and the problems faced in this area of research. From there, I will focus on such issues with the intentions of solving some, as the duration of my research draws to an end.

Week 7

PHASE 4-final I have completed a rough draft of my technical paper and am analyzing the last simulation results from my research.

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