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Simon Ng

A bipedal descent walker: simulation and analsysis

Weekly Updates

Week 1

Started to read the documentation for HyVisual along with some of the examples in the Ptolemy II file. The goal was to get a grasp of how to use the software.

Week 2

I met up with Aaron and Bobby along with my mentor Haiyang to discuss the bipedal walker. Aaron and Bobby had been working on the formula for us to implement in HyVisual. My goal for the next week was to implement the formula and give results to Aaron and Bobby.

Week 3

The implementation of bipedal walker took until the end of the week to finish. With the help of Haiyang, I figured out how to make the equations that Aaron and Bobby gave us into first order differential equations. After that, I started implementation in HyVisual and we got some results on Friday. Next week, my goal is to make a 3D model of what we have so far.

Week 4

I began trying to make a 3D simulation of what we have so far with the bipedal walker. Haiyang, Bobby, and I met on Thursday to discuss some scenarios of how the rest of the walker needed to be implemented. My goal this next week is to finish the 3D simulation and move on to the limit cycles.

Week 5

This week with Haiyang’s help, I finished most of the animation in 2D. We still have to find the limit cycles so when the collision with the ground happens, the legs will change from stance to nonstance or nonstance to stance. This next week, Bobby and I will be presenting what we have done so far in our weekly meetings. Once I am done with the limit cycles, my next goal is to transform this animation into 3D with the help of Bobby’s equations.

Week 6

This week was our presentation in front of our CHESS peers. This went pretty well although I think I still need a lot of practice in presenting in front of people. Our meeting was on Tuesday and I finally received my assignment for the poster design. I worked on this for the rest of the week and met up with Jonathan to talk about it on Friday.

Bobby and I have just implemented the Lagrangian reduction into Ptolemy. So far we think we have found our stable limit cycles for the 2D version. The problem was our implementation where we forgot to make the transition for our angular velocities. The walker looks pretty stable and we can now move on to more important things.

Our goal this week is to finish the 3D animation and implementation. By doing this, I will have to change the way this walks into spherical coordinates. The legs and mass do not move together as of right now and this is my main assignment. Once we have this in place, we should be able to play around with the walker and check out some of our hypothesis.

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