The PtDB project was an effort to use an XML database to manage models. The work was performed by Carnegie Mellon Master of Software Engineering students as their Studio Project in the summer of 2010.

The work was sponsored by Bosch Research.

The work is available via the ptII development tree in $PTII/ptdb.

The team received thd 2011 Coach Award from the Carnegie Mellon Master of Software Engineering (MSE) department.

As members of the AY09-10 MSE YALA Studio Team, Yousef AlSaeed, Ashwini Bijwe, Lyle Holsinger, and Wenjiao Wang not only acknowledged their individual cultural differences, they benefited from them. Demonstrating strong commitment, support, and personal affection for one another, they worked deliberately, cohesively for the greater team goals, yet rarely missed opportunities to recreate and enjoy each other's company socially. This extraordinary team exemplified the very essence of professionalism, collaboration, and mutually-respectful partnership.

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