Hardware in the Loop Simulator

Synchrophasor measurement units sample voltages and currents at diverse locations on a power grid and output accurately timestamped measurements together with phasor angles. Our Synchrophasor evaluation of PTIDES-based controllers derives from experiments on a system of distributed time-synchronized micro-controllers and an emulation of portions of the electric power grid based on conventional hardware-in-the-loop instrumentation. This emulation using National Instruments PXI hardware and LabVIEW software platform provides pairs of signals representing the outputs of voltage and current monitors typically found in substations or at critical points in the transmission system. All frequencies and phases are relative to a single real-time clock, which is synchronized to the real-time clocks in the monitoring and control devices. This allows us to emulate several generators each with different load conditions and frequency and to permit the generation of synchrophasor data. The preliminary work is reported in [9].
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