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Group name reactable
Title Reactable
Summary Use Ptolemy II to create an interactive system that uses image processing to drive the interaction
Description The idea of the reactable workgroup is to create a toolkit in Ptolemy II. that enables construction of applications like the reactable (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0h-RhyopUmc ) with the objective of requiring much less infrastructure. I.e., it should work with a standard video camera on a laptop for example.
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Administrators Christopher Brooks cxh cxh@eecs.berkeley.edu
Name hidden by user marys@eecs.berkeley.edu
Members Steve Bako bkurosawa
Christopher Brooks cxh cxh@eecs.berkeley.edu
Dai Bui buidai
Yasemin Demir ydemir ydemir@eecs.berkeley.edu
Sadigh Dorsa dsadigh dsadigh@berkeley.edu
Marc Geilen M.C.W.Geilen
Tatsuaki Iwata tiwata
Edward A. Lee eal
Richard Rogers rprogers
Name hidden by user marys@eecs.berkeley.edu
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