I am currently a post-doc at the University of California, Berkeley. My fields of expertise are:

  • Communications and DSP ( Undergraduate '88)
  • Numerical Methods for Analog Simulation ( Masters '91 )
  • Logic Synthesis ( Ph.D. '95 )

I have a half-time appointment with the Computer Aided Design Group within the Electrical Engineering Department. My research here extends the Synthesis for Low-Power work completed for my doctorate. This work is focused on the development of formal stochastic models for describing the influence of synthesis decisions upon internal logic switching activity.

A copy of my resume is web accessible, as is an abstract index to my publications.


My second half-time appointment is with the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (CNMAT). I am gaining experience here in an additive musical synthesis environment. In particular, I am working on:

  • Hardware design of an additive synthesis VLSI architecture
  • Software design for a percussive sound synthesis/editing tool

It is my intention to use this experience at CNMAT to help integrate my experience in technology development and passion for music. My particular interest is in the field of device and software development for the integration of audio and graphics in multi-media applications.

Extending my musical performance skills is my most serious interest outside of work. I am currently venturing away from my years of classical training into the amorphous realm of improvisation, blues and grass-roots rock 'n roll. Currently I am lead guitarist in the East Bay band `Tip Jar' which should be coming to a bar near you soon! (Well, assuming our drummer comes back from New Mexico and we stop playing private parties exclusively.)

`Tip Jar' is:
  • Lead Vocals: Christina Kramlich
  • Vocals/Rhythm Guitar: Tom Snyder
  • Lead Guitar: Chris Lennard
  • Drums: Micah Adler

Audio Coming Soon!


I herald from the Land Down Under, though wherever I go I am accused of being a Pom (ie. Brit). I guess that's because I wouldn't be a good audio stand-in for Paul Hogan. I have grown to believe that California is a wonderful substitute for the best country on earth. Wandering around the Berkeley Hills eucalyptus groves can almost make me forget that I'm in the wrong hemisphere. If only there wasn't such a severe lack of koalas!

I like to consider myself as being one of the country folk, but I've become pretty suburban since Mum made the wise educational choice and shifted our family down to Melbourne. I can tell the right end of a horse from the wrong one, but in general I'd prefer to play around with the tractor. My Aussie home is dominated by the World's Most Intelligent Dog whose earth-works in the backyard make that Chinese three-gorges thing look like a sand-box project.

Besides my ready absorption into the world of music, I have an obsession for things mechanical: clocks, cars, and steam engines in particular. This is a good thing given the age of the equipment I tend to use on a day-to-day basis. I sketch and paint when the moment seizes me, and I used to annoy my friends with painstaking photography until someone ripped off my camera. If I still find that there are spare hours left in the day, then it's off to a movie. The last thing I think of using my spare hours to do (though I am aware that it should be a higher priority) is exercise. However, I have spent lots of time tuning my '78 Peugeot road bike.

Here's a link to my photo archive index if you feel you haven't seen enough already.