Iason F. Vassiliou   ()

Ph.D. Graduate
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
University of California at Berkeley

I am a Ph.D. graduate (1999) of the Electrical Engineering Department of University of California at Berkeley.  I graduated in September 1991 from National Technical University of Athens, Greece. I came to  Berkeley in August 1992  and from September 1993 I am a members of the Berkeley CAD Group . I got my MS degree in December 1995.
  • Research Advisors: Professor Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli,  Professor Paul R. Gray.
  • Analog CAD Group.
  • Analog IC Group 
  • Research: Design Methodologies for Analog and Mixed-Signal Systems

  • Research Overview
  • High-Level Simulation for RF systems based on Volterra Series
  • Top-Down Design of a Video Driver System
  • If you want to see a die photo of my first chip click here (90K file)
  • More about the chip in my MS thesis (postscript format)

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    MS thesis(PS)
    Ph.D.  thesis
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    Personal Information

  • Work Address : Berkeley Concept Research Corp., 1919 Addison St., Suite 204 Berkeley, CA 94704
  • Work Phone : (510) 647-1250 x29
  • Fascimile : (510) 647-1251
  • Home Address : 58 Roble Rd., Berkeley CA 94705
  • Home Phone : (510) 649-7330
  • Electronic Mail jvassil@eecs.berkeley.edu
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