Advice to Applicants for Graduate Studies in EECS at Berkeley

The faculty at Berkeley receive dozens of electronic letters expressing interest in graduate studies and enquiring about graduate support. The faculty do not have time to respond to each of these individual requests, but here are some suggestions:


Beyond good grades, good GRE scores, and positive recommendation letters, the one thing that can improve a student's chances of admission into our program is a track record of research publication. A publication in a reputable conference in the area of computer-aided design really makes an application stand out.

Graduate Support

Unless you are admitted through the formal process of admission to graduate studies in the Electrical Engineering division in the Department of EECS at Berkeley, there is nothing that a faculty member can personally do to help you. Furthermore, if you are admitted to graduate studies in EECS you are almost certain to receive some kind of support in the first year, such as teaching assistantships or fellowships. The key point is to go through normal channels.

Research Interests

Once you are admitted to the program and arrive in the Fall, there will be plenty of time to explore your research interests with your faculty advisor. Letters expressing generic interest in research directions are of little value; however, if you are a rare applicant who has done research in the area of computer-aided design or you have relevant industrial experience that has given you the time and perspective to identify research directions you would like to explore, then this should be considered.

Good luck!!!

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