Compiler and Architecture Support for Embedded Systems
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Title Compiler and Architecture Support for Embedded Systems
Summary Compiler and Architecture Support for Embedded Systems
Description This workspace is a forum for the exchange of ideas and for discussions on practical tools and methods relating to linear algebraic techniques for compilation in context of Embedded System design. The initiative for this discussion form has its roots in the CASES'99 workshop that was held in Washington, October 1-3 1999. Therefore this workspace is named after the conference.

During the workshop it became clear that there are a few tools, based on linear algebraic techniques, used heavily by a selective group of people active in embedded system design. The tools used are for example PIP and Omega; two tools used to solve integer linear programming. This workspace should facilitate the exchange of experience with such tools.

In general the workshape should help in

  • Share experience with various tools in use/bugs/work-arounds.
  • Help in locating the latest versions of the tools.
  • Help in locating various derived versions of the tools.
  • Formulating a wish list for further research.
  • Help new people in the domain of Compiler and Architecture design to find relevant tools.
Note: It is our itension to find only links to work that is of direct interest to people that are member of this site. Therefore, we are not going to generate a list with all possible work done on linear algebra and Compiler and Architecture support.

Tools The tools we are currently interested in (but if you have additions, please contact Bart Kienhuis) entails the following list:

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