Earlier offerings


Lecture Date Topic Milestones
1b 8/25 Introduction  
2a 8/30 Process networks  
2b 9/1 Process networks  
3a 9/6 Fixed point semantics  
3b 9/8 Fixed point semantics  
4a 9/13 Execution policies Homework 1 due
4b9/15 Message passing patterns  
5a 9/20 Threads  
5b 9/22 Threads One page project proposal
6b 9/29 Synchronous/Reactive models Homework 2 due
7a 10/4 Synchronous/Reactive models  
7b 10/6 Concurrent state machines: Statecharts  
8a 10/11 Quiz 1 Homework 3 due
8b 10/13 Concurrent state machines: Statecharts  
9a 10/18 Dataflow Process Networks  
9b 10/20 Dataflow Process Networks One page project status report
10a 10/25 Scheduling Dataflow Homework 4 due
10b 10/27 Consistency  
11a 11/1 Discrete events  
11b 11/3 Discrete events  
12a 11/8 Time-triggered models Homework 5 due
12b 11/10 Brief Project Presentations  
13a 11/15 Quiz 2  
13b 11/17 Discrete events One page project status report
14a 11/22 Continuous-time models and Hybrid systems Homework 6 due
14b 11/24 No Class. Thanksgiving  
15a 11/29 Continuous-time models and Hybrid systems Project paper submission
15b 12/1 Actor Abstract Semantics  
  12/6 NO CLASS: Reading week.
Additional Topics:
  1. Ptolemy Event Relationship Actors (Ptera)
  2. Actor-Oriented Type Systems
Project paper reviews due
  12/8 NO CLASS: Reading week.  
  12/14 Project Presentations, 1:00-4:00PM, 540 A/B Cory Project presentations
  12/16 Project reports due. Project reports

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