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Concurrency Class: EECS 290N
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Group name concurrency
Title Concurrency Class: EECS 290N
Summary Graduate Seminar Concerning Concurrent models of computation
Description EE 290n is a graduate seminar taught irregularly where the topics vary considerably depending on the instructor. Nominally the topic of this course is: Advanced topics in systems theory In this case the topic is Concurrent models of computation. The instructor is Professor Edward A. Lee
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Administrators Christopher Brooks cxh
Edward A. Lee eal
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Members Devdatta Akhawe dev__
Ilge Akkaya ilgeakkaya
Shaon Barman sbarman
Cameron Bates batesca
Christopher Brooks cxh
Shaoyi Cheng chengs
Aaron Culich aculich
Marvo Della Vedova marco.dellavedova
Sadigh Dorsa dsadigh
Tianyu Fu tianyufu
Liangpeng Guo glp
Thibaud Hottelier tbh
Edward A. Lee eal
Jiechao Li jiechao
Ben Lickly blickly
James C. Martin jmartin
Adam Megacz megacz
Pierluigi Nuzzo pierluiginuzzo
Ankita Prasad ankitaprasad
Alberto Puggelli puggelli
Jan Reineke reineke
Simon Scott simonscott
Chris Shaver shaver
Rohit Sinha rsinha
Baruch Sterin sterin
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Martin Torngren MartinTorngren
Kevin Tseng kevintseng
Michael Zimmer mzimmer
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