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Group name dopresence
Title dopresence
Summary Use the Swarm to manage entrance to the DOP Center
Description Recently the public phone at the entrance of the DOP Center was shut down, which revived a discussion about having a more sophisticated means to contact people on the inside, primarily to accommodate visitors. The basic idea is to have an iPad mounted on the wall and provide some interface to provide interaction with occupants.
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Administrators Christopher Brooks cxh
Marten Lohstroh marten
Members Ilge Akkaya ilgeakkaya
Christopher Brooks cxh
Ian Chen phoenix.cym
Sid Feygin sid.feygin
Siyuan He siyuanhe
Antonio Iannopollo iannopollo
Chadlia Jerad chadlia.jerad
Hokeun Kim hkim
Edward A. Lee eal
Marten Lohstroh marten
Ken Lutz lutz
Joseph Ng jng
Victor Nouvellet victor.nouvellet
Mark Oehlberg oehlberg
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Niranjini Rajagopal niranjini
Jaijeet Roychowdhury jr
Nishant Totla nishanttotla
Armin Wasicek awasicek
Matt Weber mew2ub
William Wong compulim
Ben Zhang nebgnahz
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