Embedded Website Administrators' Workgroup
Group information  
Group name embeddedadmin
Title Embedded Website Administrators' Workgroup
Summary Workgroup for administrators of the Embedded website.
Description Members of this workgroup have special access privileges in the Embedded website. For example, they can
  • Maintain online Workshop Registrations.
  • "masquerade" as other users,
  • edit and view workshop registration information for any user,
  • view otherwise confidential contact information for website users.
Group type Software project Special interest group Administrative group
People involved in this group  
Administrators Christopher Brooks cxh cxh@eecs.berkeley.edu
Name hidden by user marys@eecs.berkeley.edu
Members Christopher Brooks cxh cxh@eecs.berkeley.edu
Edward A. Lee eal
Jaijeet Roychowdhury jr jr@eecs.berkeley.edu
Name hidden by user marys@eecs.berkeley.edu
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