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Design Environment for Heterogeneous Systems
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Group name metropolis
Title Design Environment for Heterogeneous Systems
Summary Design Environment for Heterogeneous Systems
Description Establishing formal design methodologies is imperative to effectively manage complex design tasks required in modern-date system designs. It involves defining levels of abstraction to formally represent systems being designed, as well as formulating problems to be addressed at and across the abstraction levels. This calls for a design environment in which systems can be unambiguously represented throughout the abstraction levels, the design problems can be mathematically formulated, and tools can be incorporated to solve some of the problems automatically. Developing such an environment is precisely the goal of Metropolis.

Metropolis consists of an infrastructure, a tool set, and design methodologies for various application domains. The infrastructure provides a mechanism such that heterogeneous components of a system can be represented uniformly and tools for formal methods can be applied naturally.

Currently, the main Metropolis web page can be found at

Metropolis 1.0.1 is available for download.

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