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Model Based Integration of Embedded Software
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Group name mobies
Title Model Based Integration of Embedded Software
Summary UC Berkeley Internal group for Phase I and Phase II MoBIES collaboration
Description The Model Based Integration of Embedded Software (MoBIES) project is a 4 phase, 33 month, Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) sponsored program to develop Process-Based Software Components for Networked Embedded Systems.

Membership to the MoBIES workgroup is limited to UC Berkeley students, faculty and staff who are associated with the phase I and phase II MoBIES efforts. To request membership in this workgroup, go to the Request Account Page and click the Member radio button in the mobies section.

For more information about the MoBIES project, see the Ptolemy Project MoBIES page

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Administrators Christopher Brooks cxh
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Members John Absmeier absmeier
Christopher Brooks cxh
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Xuanming Dong xdong
Michael Drew mdrew
Johan Eker johane
Dan Empey empey
Anouck Girard anouck
Paul Griffiths pggriffi
Susheem Gupta susheem
Karl Hedrick khedrick
Christoph Kirsch meyer
T. John Koo, Ph.D. koo
Daniel lamberson dlamberson
Albert Taijin Lee atlee731
Edward A. Lee eal
Jie Liu, Ph.D. liuj
Xiaojun Liu liuxj
Xiao-Yun Lu, Ph. D. xylu
Jim Misener misener
Anuj Puri anuj
Sonia R. Sachs ssachs
Tunc Simsek simsek
Jason Souder jsouder
Joao Sousa sousa
Susan Sprainis sprainis
Stephen Spry Steve
Name hidden by user
Nicholas P. Teske npteske
Stavros Tripakis stavros
Per Tunestal pert
Joel VanderWerf vjoel
Pravin Varaiya varaiya
Mark Wilcutts, PhD markw
Sergio Yovine yovine
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Guests Duke Lee duke_lee
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