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Xiao-Yun Lu, Ph. D.

Home page:http://path.berkeley.edu/~xylu/xyl_home.html
Bio:  BSc. in Math, Chngedu Univ. of Sci. & Tech, 1982 MSC. in Applied Math - Math Physics, Inst. of Syst. Sci., Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1985 Ph. D. in Nonlinear Control, Control Syst. Centre and Math Dept, UMIST, Manchester, U. K., 1993 Research Associate in Nonlinear Control, Theory & Application, UMIST, U. K. 1993 - 1994 Research Associate in Nonlinear Control, Theory & Application, Engineering Dept, Univ. of Leicester, U. K., 1994 - 1999 Assistant Research Engineer,PATH,UC Berkeley,1999 Associate Research Engineer,PATH,UC Berkeley,2000 Lectuerer of Applied Math, Chengdu Univ. of Science & Tech, China, 1985-1989 Member of ASME (American Society of Mechnical Enineering), IEEE Reviewer of Mathematical Review

Research Interests:

Transportation Systems Safety: Collision Warning and Avoidance Sensor Detection, Signal Processing and Data Fusion Inter-modal transportation systems Vehicle Dynamics and Control Optimal Hybrid Systems and Application to Transportation Systems

(1) Highway Traffic Management and Control (2) Train Control Systems (3) Coordination and Control of Un-manned Ground and Air Vehicles

Nonlinear Systems Modeling, Control and Optimization

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