(includes Stanford University's IRSIM program © 1988, 1990)

Version 6 of the popular Magic interactive VLSI layout system gathers together the work of many people at several institutions since Magic version 4 was released from Berkeley on the 1986 VLSI Tools tape. This release also includes Stanford's IRSIM program, a simulator designed to work interactively with Magic. This tape includes Magic and IRSIM only; you may want to obtain other tools by ordering the 1986 VLSI Tools tape. This version includes many improvements. Routing improvements include a new global router, a gate-array router, and an interactive maze router. Extraction has been improved with accurate resistance extraction. Magic's representation of contacts has been improved to work better with technologies that have stacked contacts. Bugs have been fixed, and the system has been ported to many new machines.

Hardware/Operating System Requirements: Graphics: X11 Window System (preferred), X10, SunView, or AED graphics terminal

Operating System: UNIX (BSD, Ultrix, A/UX, HPUX, or other)

Hardware: DECstation (preferred) Sun, MIPS, Mac II (running A/UX), HP9000, VAX, or others

Memory: At least 16MB is recommended

Additional Software Recommended: 1986 VLSI Tools (available from this office)

Versions Available: UNIX only

Distribution Media: QIC-120, QIC-150, QIC-320, 8mm (2.2 gig), TK50 (DEC tape format), 9-track 1600 bpi, 9-track 6250 bpi.

Source Code: Yes

Object Code: Yes, for DECstations

Programming Language: C

Materials/Handling Fee: Universities, government agencies, and member companies in the EECS/ERL Industrial Liaison Program may obtain the tools for $200.00. For other companies, a $550.00 contribution to the Industrial Liaison Program, payable to the Regents of the University of California, is required. Please include a letter stating that these funds are an unrestricted contribution to support the Industrial Liaison Program.

Documentation Included with the Program: Magic 1990 DECWRL/Livermore Release. Available separately for $30.00

Foreign Distribution: Yes
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