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Where should I keep my stuff?
Jonathan Sprinkle, 21 Nov 2006
Last updated: 17 May 2012


You should store everything either:

  • on your H: drive, or
  • in a CVS/SVN/Git repository, which you check out into your my documents directory
Persons storing data anywhere on the C: or D: drives are asking to lose it, either when we clear off drive space, or when the machine crashes.

If administrators need to clear up diskspace on the machine, they will start with low hanging fruit like c:temp or c:mytemp or c:temp2. In fact, we might start deleting directories like temp2, tempAug15 or temptemptemp just on principle, since you should be putting that stuff in your %TEMP% folder in your local settings. :)

For more information about backups, see https://iris.eecs.berkeley.edu/15-faq/windows/05-backups.html.

As a matter of practice, we don't backup Windows boxes. The problem is that restoring apps is almost impossible because of registry settings etc. Also RAID (if you have it) and Windows recovery points help make this obsolete.

It is faster to document the setup and then just redo the setup.

Also, if you use version control for your files, then losing a disk matters very little.

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