HyTech License Agreement

Copyright (C) 1995, 1996 by Thomas A. Henzinger

We would like all users of the software to submit the following license agreement. We are also very interested in hearing about your application of the tool, and your experiences using it.

Professor Thomas A. Henzinger
Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
University of California at Berkeley

Dear Professor Henzinger,

We understand that the program hytech.exe ("the software") is supplied "as is", without expressed or implied warranty. We agree that neither you nor Cornell University nor the University of California will be held responsible for the correctness of systems verified using the software, nor for the correctness of the software itself.

This software will not be called "HyTech" if it is modified in any way without your specific prior written permission.

The code of the software will not be transferred outside of our institution without your permission and will be used only for research purposes. In particular, we agree that the code will not be included as part of any commercial software package or product of this institution. This applies to both the source code and the object code.

We will make no demands on you or your staff for maintenance and agree that neither you nor Cornell University nor the University of California has any obligation to provide any maintenance or consulting help with respect to the software.

In the event that you should release successor versions of the software to us, we agree that they will also fall under all of these terms.


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