Simulation Coverage Enhancement Using Test Stimulus Transformation

C. Norris Ip


In this talk, I will summarize the concept of abstract state exploration history and test stimulus transformation [ICCAD'2000]. The goal of this work is to improve simulation coverage by intelligently reusing and adapting existing test suites to remove redundancy. State exploration histories are adapted from reachability analysis in Formal Verification. In test stimulus transformation, an aggressively abstracted state exploration history is maintained during simulation. While this history is being collected, test stimuli from an existing test bench are transformed on-the-fly to explore new scenarios that are not in the history. The results showed that 3-fold increase in transition coverage for a cache coherence controller, and 10 times faster coverage convergence for a MPEG2 decoder can be achieved. I will also summarize some of my recent research w.r.t. test bench authoring.

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