Power/Performance Analysis for System-Level Design

Radu Marculescu


In this talk, I will provide an overview of my recent work on formal and semiformal approaches for power/performance analysis of portable multimedia systems. More precisely, I will focus on the problem of system-level design for average-case performance, which is timely, extremely important, yet not very-well developed today. The proposed methodology complements the existing techniques for extreme-case performance analysis by incorporating the environment characteristics into system performance evaluation. Being targeted at system-level, the results of this analysis are not confined to any particular hardware/software implementation so they offer the generality and flexibility designers need in planning the embedded system. The formalism and techniques that I will present in detail are powerful, concise, and provide elegant solution to system modeling. They have been used successfully in other domains to model complex interacting systems. Their adaptation for platform-based design of multimedia embedded systems is a very interesting and challenging task with very promising results.

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