Electronic Systems Design Seminar


Integrated RTL to GDSII flow

Dr. Hamid Savoj
VP of Product Development
Magma Design Automation

Monday, Nov 12, 2001, 1:00pm-2:00pm
540AB Cory Hall (DOP Center Classroom)


This talk focuses on the necessary components for building an integrated tool that takes a design from RTL to GDSII. The emphsis is on the value of integration. Each component of the tool is evaluated to see how integration improves the quality of results. In particular, we address the value of integration for timing closure and routability of a design.


Hamid Savoj, a cofounder of Magma, joined the company in May 1997 as a Principal Engineer and has served as Vice President of Product Development since May 2000. From May 1994 to May 1997, Mr. Savoj was a senior member of the consulting staff at Cadence Design Systems, Inc. Mr. Savoj received a doctorate degree in computer aided design from the University of California, Berkeley and BS in Electrical Engineering from California Institute of Technology.


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