Electronic Systems Design Seminar


Electromagnetic Analysis and Modeling Techniques for High-Frequency
Electronic Systems Design

Luca Daniel
UC Berkeley and MIT

Thursday, November  14, 2002, 5:00pm-6:00pm
521 Cory Hall (The Hogan Room)


The IC design scenario presents new challenges as frequencies keep increasing toward the tens of GHz range. "Systems on a Chip" (SoC) and "Systems on Package" (SoP) are expected to become pervasive in the same way as "Systems on PCB" were in the past. Due to the high frequencies, SoC and SoP will experience electromagnetic issues similar to those observed on PCB, such as inductance coupling, power grid resonances, and electromagnetic interference. Unfortunately most PCB common solutions, such as building and testing prototypes, are typically not available at IC level. In addition, new issues are introduced in SoC by the integration of emerging technologies such as Micro-Electro-Mechanical (MEM) and opto-electronic components. Integration of effective electromagnetic capabilities into standard circuit simulators and IC design methodologies has become a crucial requirement. Furthermore, providing design support in terms of combined thermal / mechanical / electromagnetic / electrical simulation and modeling capabilities is soon to become critical as well.

In this talk I will address some of the most relevant analysis and modeling needs for the future of IC design from the joint electromagnetic/circuit point of view. In particular I will describe a technique that allows the electromagnetic simulation of circuit interconnect in time and memory 400 times smaller than other available classical methods. Exploiting this method, accurate electromagnetic simulation of for instance the entire global power distribution grid of a chip or package has now become possible. In the second part of the talk I will then illustrate techniques for modeling of high frequency interconnect structures which accurately capture and cast all their electromagnetic effects into low order models. Such models can potentially be used in higher level simulation tools, or can be exploited during interconnect synthesis and optimization.


Luca Daniel is a PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering at UC Berkeley in the group of prof. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli. He has also been recently collaborating with prof. Jacob White at MIT. Luca's research experience includes electromagnetic interference, signal
integrity, numerical analysis, mixed-signal and RF circuit design, MEMs design and fabrication and power electronics. Luca has worked for Cadence Berkeley Labs, for HP Research Labs in Palo Alto, he has collaborated with STMicroelectronics Berkeley Labs, and he will join the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as an Assistant Professor starting January 2003.

Luca received the "IEEE Prize Paper Award" for the best paper published on IEEE Trans. on Power Electronics in the year 1999. He has also received four best paper awards in conferences, the SRC international Graduate Fellowship and the 2001 Bernard Friedman Memorial Prize in Applied Mathematics, from the Dept. of Mathematics at UC Berkeley, for "demonstrated research ability in applied mathematics."

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