Electronic Systems Design Seminar


Analyzing the MPSoC Design Space:
The MPARM Environment

Davide Bertozzi
DEIS Dept., University of Bologna, Italy

Monday, October 20th, 2003, 4pm - 5pm
540A/B Cory Hall (D.O.P. Center Classroom)


The SoC design paradigm is shifting toward highly parallel multiprocessor systems, thus pushing the development of new modelling, analysis and optimization tools. Modeling and simulation of complex MPSoCs is however only one facet of the design technology challenge. Future MPSoCs
will be software dominated, and software development, optimization and validation will become key enabling technology for advanced silicon
platforms. This talk will describe a modeling and analysis platform, coupled with a complete software development environment for MPSoCs, called
MPARM. Several examples of its usage in hardware and software analysis and design space exploration will also be given.


Davide Bertozzi got his PhD from University of Bologna in 2003, and he currently holds a Post-doc position at the same University. He has been visiting researcher at NEC Research (USA), ST Microelectronics (Italy) and Philips Research (Holland). His research interests concern multi-processor systems-on-chip design, with particular emphasis on modeling and simulation aspects, as well as on power and performance characterization of communication architectures.

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