The SYNTHESIS1 System for FSM Synthesis


The SYNTHESIS1 system for logic synthesis is useful for very complicated Finite State Machines (FSM), with hardly any constraints on their size, that is, the number of inputs, outputs, and states.

Why is it so important to synthesize FSMs? There are at least two serious reasons.

  • FSMs are unique for each project. To design a data path, you can use very large library units from the previous projects. It is not possible for FSM as you cannot use former projects for new FSM designs.
  • In the last few years, the fraction of FSMs in each project has considerably increased. There are also some reasons for this tendency:

    • implementation of software as hardware
    • complex specialized processors with very complex embedded functions
    • parallel processors with a complex control.

SYNTHESIS1 contains the following subsystems:

  • Algorithmic State Machine (ASM) Transformer. This subsystem performs ASM minimization, combining, and decomposition.
  • Finite State Machine Synthesizer. This subsystem performs FSM transition table construction, state assignment and FSM decomposition
  • Logic Circuit Synthesizer. This subsystem performs logic circuit synthesis with gates, LUTs, PLAs, PLAMs etc.

This talk will consist mainly of a demonstration of the SYNTHESIS1 system.

Relevant Papers

Samary Baranov, "CAD System SYNTHESIS1 for FSMs Synthesis"

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