Jochen Jess

Jochen A.G. Jess was appointed "full professor" of Electrical Engineering in 1971 at Eindhoven University of Technology. He graduated 1961 for his Masters and 1963 for his PhD-degree at Aken University of Technology in Germany and served a number of years under various research- and teaching appointments at Karlsruhe University of Technology. In Karlsruhe he was one of the founders of the Computer Science Department. In the academic year 1968/69 he spent a sabattical year at the University of Maryland, College Park.

His assignment in Eindhoven involved the founding and running of the Design Automation Section. This task implied devising a long term research program in the area of VLSI design automation and complementing it with the necessary curricular components.

In the course of this assignment he dealt with all relevant subjects in the area of VLSI design automation such as layout design, circuit simulation, logic synthesis and design for testability, high level synthesis, embedded software and -systems, processor architectures, hardware/software codesign and formal verification. The DA-Section published altogether 325 papers up to now. His own record shows him as the (co-)author of about 125 papers. He guided 31 Ph.D.-students to graduation, many of which have grown to become internationally recognized experts in the VLSI-DA field.

He is a member of the board of EDAA ("European Design Automation Association") and has been chairman of the association for a number of years. He is a cofounder of the DATE conference ("Design Automation and Test in Europe"). Also he was program chair and general chair of ICCAD-93 and -94.

In 1985 he joined IBM T.J. Watson Laboratories for a short period to contribute to a Silicon compilation path for the 801 RISC pipeline in a project guided by R.K. Brayton and R. Otten.

Recently his interest focuses on hardware platforms for multimedia systems and the problems of compilation for performance when mapping high performance real time tasks onto those platforms.

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