Robert P. Kurshan

Robert Kurshan is a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, NJ. He has worked there since receiving his Ph.D in mathematics in 1968, from the University of Washington under James Jans, in homological algebra. Until 1995 he worked in the Mathematics Research Center and since then in the Computer Science Research Center. At Bell Labs, he did research in periodic sequences, digital filtering and approximation theory, before he began work in formal verification in 1983. He is an author of over 60 technical publications, holds eight patents in communications, digital filtering and verification, and is the author of the book Computer-Aided Verification of Coordinating Processes (Princeton Univ. Press, 1994). In connection with his work in verification, he designed and built the COSPAN verification system together with Zvi Har'El, Ronald H. Hardin, and a number of others, based upon the theory which is developed in this book. COSPAN has been in use (and continuous development) since 1986, and recently has been commercialized under the trademark FormalCheck.

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