Emng Standards in the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Industry


With the rapid increase of integrated circuit design complexity enabled by semiconductor technology, the IC designers need a comprehensive set of CAD tools for leading-edge designs. The EDA industry and vertically integrated tool developers adhere to their proprietary data models and file transfer paradigm. Designers need CAD tool interoperability to rapidly integrate a variety of CAD tools to meet their increasing design and verification needs. The leading IC manufactures in the SEMATECH consortium have commissioned the formulation of the Chip Hierarchical Design System technical data (CHDStd) standard to address their EDA tool interoperability needs. The Silicon Integration Initiative (Si2) consortium is also addressing EDA industry standardization. This talk addresses emerging EDA standards to facilitate tool integration, interoperability, and performance. These standards will also play an important role in the rapid integration of university research into industry.

References: Papers on CHDStd were given at ASP-DAC 1998, by Don Cottrell

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