Distributed code generation, desynchronisation, architecture generation, for dataflow synchronous languages: summary of results

Albert Benveniste


We have developed an in-depth analysis of this whole set of topics. This includes

  • analysis of the problem of separate compilation :
    • why is it difficult ?
    • what is the right model for formal reasoning ?
    • what are the suitable abstractions ?
    • what is the right structure for separately compiled code ?
  • from ideal synchronous model to more realistic asynchronous models of architectures :
    • is it possible to preserve some kind of semantics when targeting a distributed, asynchronous architecture ? How to predict if semantics will be preserved ?
    • how to generate proper additional signalling and scheduling in order to guarantee that the semantics will be preserved ?
    • what are the requirements on the distributed communication layer ?
    • what are the adequate data structures for doing this ?
  • related methods and implementations.
Topic 1 is discussed in details in [BCLg99a]. As for topics 2 and 3, a summary of results is available (gzippped postscript) as well as transparents (postscript). Topic 2 is extensively discussed in [BCLg99a], a shorter version is [BCLg99b]. Finally, data structures are discussed in [TBCLg99]. Then, [BC99]  analyses how to adapt this theory for architectures used for embedded real-time control, suc as e.g., OSEK in automotive industry.


[BC99] Albert Benveniste, Paul Caspi. ``Distributing synchronous programs on a loosely synchronous, distributed architecture'', Irisa Research Report No 1289, december 1999.

[TBCLg99] J.P. Talpin, A. Benveniste, B. Caillaud and P. Le Guernic. ``Hierarchic Normal Forms for desynchronization'', Irisa Research Report No 1288, december 1999.

[BCLg99a]A. Benveniste, B. Caillaud and P. Le Guernic. ``Compositionality in dataflow synchronous languages: specification & distributed code generation.'' Information and Computation, to appear.

[BCLg99b]A. Benveniste, B. Caillaud and P. Le Guernic. ``From synchrony to asynchrony.'' In J.C.M. Baeten and S. Mauw, editors, CONCUR'99, Concurrency Theory, 10th International Conference, vol. 1664 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science,  162-177. Springer V.,  1999.

Original talk homepage: http://www.irisa.fr/sigma2/benveniste/pub/B_al99.html.
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