Prabhu Goel

Prabhu completed his graduate studies from Carnegie Mellon in 1973. He then joined IBM's EDA organization at East Fishkill where he was involved with many developments in the area of chip test automation. At IBM he developed the Podem algorithm and other technologies that earned him 4 patents and several awards - including the IBM Corporate Award for innovation. He left in 1981 to join Wang Labs where he was exposed to the commercial EDA industry. He left Wang in 1982 to start Gateway Design Automation - the company that delivered the now industry standard Verilog-XL to the market. In 1989 he sold Gateway to Cadence and continued at Cadence for 2 more years. He left Cadence to become a private venture capitalist. Since 1992, he has been an investor and a Director in a number of private companies. In 1996 he sold one of his companies, Frontline Design Automation, to Avant Corporation for a second venture success. Several of his present investments are in the EDA industry.

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