Altera's APEX 20K architecture and research in synthesis/fitting for FPGA/CPLDs


The talk will outline Altera's recent innovations in high density programmable logic devices and the new challenges to synthesis, partitioning, and place-and-route algorithms for the new architectures. Altera's new APEX 20K archietcture combines Look-Up table, ROM logic and Product-Term logic on the same device requiring new advances in technology mapping. Furthermore, the routing architecture requires new paritioning and timing driven place and route algorithms. The talk will progress by briefly describing the architecture advances from FLEX 10K, FLEX 6000 to APEX 20K. I will outline the CAD algorithms involved in those architectures and the new areas that Altera is exploring for the APEX 20K architecture. The APEX 20K devices offer density ranges up to 30,000 LUT elements + FFs not counting the embedded RAM and PTERM modes. With devices so large, synthesis and place and route compilation times increase heavily. I will end by proposing research topics of interest to the Programmable Logic industry in the upcoming years.
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