Mr. Karl Fant

Mr. Fant has 18 years experience in real time image processing. As a Research Fellow at Honeywell Systems and Research center he created and directed key programs and contracts that led the signal and image processing group to preeminence in the nation in real time automatic target recognition. In 1982 Mr. Fant received the H. W. Sweatt award for his invention of a unique digital image spatial transform algorithm. Mr. Fant has a wide range of experience in both the hardware and software of general purpose digital systems and real-time digital systems. NULL Convention Logic is a result of a 25 year personal research initiative.

Over the last three years, Theseus Logic has built 15 proof of principle chips ranging from a few thousand to 500,000 transistors in 1.2 to 0.35 M CMOS. All have functioned correctly with first pass fabrication. All were designed and layed out with off the shelf EDA tools. No special asynchronous tools were used.


BS, Computer Information and Control Sciences, University of Minnesota, 1974.


Honeywell Systems and Research Center, research scientist, 1974 to 1987.

Honeywell Systems and Research Center, research fellow 1987 to 1990.

Founded Theseus Research, president, 1990

Founded theseus Logic, CEO-CTO, 1996 to present

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