Mr. Mario Khalaf

Undergraduate Education: BS Computer Science and Engineering from the University of California at Davis 1992

Graduate Education: MS Electrical Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley 1994

Thesis emphasis: Computer Aided Design of Superconductor Circuits

Thesis Advisor: Prof. Van Duzer

Thesis Title: A Computer-Aided Design Framework for Superconductor Circuits.

Brief Thesis Description: The thesis focused mostly on technology mapping in SIS to dual-rail logic which generated function and function inverse at each stage. The library of gates for superconductor digital circuits had a very limited number of gates and allowed inverters only at the primary inputs of the circuit. I devised new algorithms in SIS for technology mapping to this Library.

I joined Altera Corporation in June 1994 in the software department working on synthesis and place and route for Altera's CPLD and FPGAs. I was an integral member of the development team of MAX9000, FLEX 10K, FLEX 6000 and the current APEX 20K architectures. I got promoted to software supervisor in April 1995 and to software manager in July 1998. I am currently the representative for UC Berkeley for Altera's University Partnership Program.

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