Conclusions and Future Work


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Conclusions and Future Work

  We have described the verification and synthesis tool VIS, which offers a better programming environment, new capabilities, and improved performance over existing verification tools. We have implemented VIS using the C programming language, and it has been ported to many different operating systems and architectures. The capabilities of VIS have been tested on the sequential circuits from the ISCAS benchmark set and some industrial designs.

As part of future work, we intend to explore and support explicit methods for state enumeration, verification of asynchronous systems, hierarchical synthesis, partitioning schemes, language containment, and incremental techniques for synthesis and verification. In particular, we want to explore the synergy between verification and synthesis.

For more information about VIS or to get a copy, visit the VIS home page [8].

Tom Shiple
Thu Feb 8 16:55:08 PST 1996
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