Getting VIS 1.4

Release Notes
VIS-1.4 is the most recent public release of the VIS system. It has been built and tested under the following operating systems, and may work on others:

  • DEC Alpha / Digital UNIX V3.2F, V4.0 & V5.1 / gcc, cc
  • HP9000/715 / HP-UX B.10.10 / gcc, cc
  • IBM RISC System/6000 / AIX Version 4.3.3 / gcc
  • Intel ix86 / Linux / gcc
  • Intel ix86 / Windows98SE with Cygwin 1.1.8 / gcc
  • Sun Sparc/ Solaris 2.8 / gcc, cc
  • Intel ix86 / Solaris 2.8 / gcc, cc
  • SGI / IRIX 6.5 / gcc, cc

VIS Release 1.4

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