VIS: How we can help you ?

    The VIS group would be happy to help with your verification problems. Our research is always helped by exposure to industrial problems, and we welcome it. If you need help with formal verification, VIS can provide help in one of the following ways.

  • MAIL You could send mail to the VIS group with a description of your problem. If it is a bug, we would send you a patch. If it is a question, we would be happy to answer it.

  • EXAMPLES You can send us an example if you want help trying to verify it. We would be willing to put in some effort into trying to figure out ways to verify it. If you observe a problem with VIS on your example, we encourage you to create a "small" example that can reproduce the problem and send the "small" example to us. We will make every effort to fix the problem or offer assistance in creating a work-around for you. If you send us an example, we will be bound by non-disclosure.

  • PROBLEM SOLVING If you need more help in setting up VIS, or verification help that is more closely tied with your design process, some of us may be able to visit you and help you sort out your verification cum VIS problems. As before, we will be bound by non-disclosure.

    Caveat: This is an educational exercise, hence there are no guarantees.

    Comments, suggestions, complaints can be addressed to
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