Entrepreneurship Models of the Countries that Leverage Silicon Valley



Mustafa Ergen  (Download)

Master of Arts in International and Area Studies

University of California, Berkeley




We are now in an information economy. Knowledge is the main element in the creation of the today’s enormous gain in value. Most of the time knowledge thought to be the centered in a firm but it is certain that there appear to be certain regions in which some considerable portion of this knowledge is nomadic and moving from position to position throughout the region. As a result, the knowledge is embodied in the individuals with specialized skills and capabilities. In this work, we analyze the overseas entrepreneurship models in high tech industry.


Silicon Valley is the most pronounced place for an entrepreneurship success. In this regard, we investigate what can contribute to understanding and encouraging the development of entrepreneurial regions. Then, we look at the mechanisms of the Valley and determine how the inputs and interactions nurture entrepreneurship in an increasing number of regions abroad. We also observe the Valley in a broader sense and talk about the boom-and-burst cycles of the Valley including next cycle.


Silicon Valley as a model showing signs to proliferate globally. We analyze the foreign models and discuss their preliminary conditions and actions that make them successful among the others. We mainly focus on India, Israel and Ireland which has spawned proto-Silicon Valley with venture capital and some regional institutions.



(Silikon Vadisi ve Deniz Aşırı Girişimcilik: Mustafa Ergen, 2003

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