Interface Mechanisms and System Visualization in Component-Based Models

Researchers: Paul Whitaker
Advisor:Edward A. Lee

This work involves system visualization and interface design. In a system such as Ptolemy II, it can be very desirable for components in the model to be capable of providing information about themselves or accepting input from the user.

A block diagram view, using icons, is often an intuitive way to visualize a system. Within Vergil, the Ptolemy II user interface, components of the model are displayed as icons. Dynamic icons are a natural way of expressing information regarding the characteristics and status of particular components. Icons are also a natural receptacle for user input. The Java Foundation Classes provide a rich collection of user-interface components. This work requires using these components within Vergil (and Diva, the graphics framework on which it is based). It is possible that configurability options could be specified using the MoML XML schema.

Like Vergil itself, this work is intended to be sufficiently general to be applicable to other component-based design tools.

Last updated 11/02/00