Models for Adaptive Vehicle Cruise Control and Power-train Throttle Control

Researchers: Haiyang Zheng
Advisor:Edward A. Lee

The project is about component-based design. It emphases on the models of computation used for modular system construction, the precise definition of component interfaces, and the synthesis of embedded software from abstract, problem-level specifications.

The plan is to address the automotive challenge problems of multi-view modeling and model analysis in the strong type system. The model analysis will elevate strong type checking from static structure to system dynamics. The co-compilation will combine both traditional compilation and user-defined component-level code generation for optimization of efficiency of model computations.

Finally, to address the challenge problem of automated composition of subcomponents, we will systematize an approach that we call higher-order components. The plan will equate model data and models and enable much more concise and parameterized models to describe complex functionality.

Last updated 11/18/02