2005 Research Summaries for the Ptolemy Project

Research advisor: Edward A. Lee

These research summaries give a snapshot of many of the research efforts within the Ptolemy Project. These summaries appear in the collection of research abstracts EECS/ERL Research Summary. The research summary is published once a year by the EECS Industrial and Public Relations Office, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Department, and the Electronics Research Laboratory of the University of California at Berkeley. The EECS/ERL Industrial Relations program office can be reached at +1-510-643-6691 or indrelations at eecs berkeley edu

Researcher(s) Project Title
Christopher Brooks, Edward Lee, Jie Liu, Xiaojun Liu, Stephen Neuendorffer, Yuhong Xiong, Yang Zhao, Haiyang Zheng
Ptolemy II- Heterogeneous Concurrent Modeling and Design in Java
Stephen Neuendorffer and Christopher Brooks
Copernicus: Generating Code from polymorphic components and heterogenous models.
Haiyang Zheng
Compositionality Analysis
Haiyang Zheng
An Operational Semantics for Hybrid Systems
Rachel Zhou
Extension of Finite State Machine
Christopher Brooks
Software Development in an Academic Environment
Elaine Cheong
PtinyOS and PtinyGALS: Simulating Event-Driven Embedded Systems in Ptolemy II
Adam Cataldo
Soft Walls: Modifying Flight Control Systems to Limit the Flight Space of Commercial Aircraft.
Yang Zhao, Xiaojun Liu
An Actor Oriented Framework for Distributed Software Systems
Eleftherios D. Matsikoudis
Compositional Dataflow
Gang Zhou
Dynamic Dataflow and Boolean Dataflow in Ptolemy II
Xiaojun Liu
A Unified Simulation Framework and Component Model for Timed Models of Computation
Thomas H. Feng
Distributed Modeling and Simulation with Backtracking

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