Interaction of different Models of Computations under the Ptolemy Framework

Researchers: Mudit Goel
Advisor:Edward A. Lee

In Ptolemy, different Models of Computations interact in a heirarchical way through wormholes. BUt in certain cases this creates a problem. In the Discrete Event domain, if the firing of the entire system depends on the firing of a SDF wormhole, then a dummy DE clock had to be used to fire the SDF source-wormhole so that the rest of the system could fire. This is a very unitutive way of using a SDF Galaxy to fire a DE system. This was studied and modified so that the SDF source-wormhole can schedule the future firings of the galaxy without requiring a dummy clock to fire it.

Interaction of different models of computations is being studied under the Ptolemy framework, in the context of a voice mail pager. This experience is being used in the redesign of Ptolemy in Java.