TerraSwarm Test Bed Workshop: January 16 &, 2016

On Friday, January 16, 2015, 35 participants met to build SwarmBoxes. That day, we met from 9am until 10pm and 20 participants returned on Saturday for a 9am-5pm session. During this meeting, we designed the mounting board, laser cut the mounting board and assembled four SwarmBoxes. We also determined that we will run Ubuntu Studio because it supports the various networking interfaces (1588 etc.) that we require. Many other decisions were made, see the testbeds wiki for details.

The meeting was held at the Invention Lab at UC Berkeley.

More information is on the Test Bed Workshop wiki.

TerraSwarm Test Bed Workshop Produces First Generation SwarmBox (News Item about the workshop)

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Sponsored by: TerraSwarm Research Center