SwarmOS Diagram

(Courtesy SwarmLab)

The TerraSwarm SwarmOS Task [Jones, Kubiatowicz, Lee, Rabaey, Wawrzynek, Wessel] will develop the SwarmOS that will serve as a distributed executive and resource manager for TerraSwarm applications. The SwarmOS will mediate the needs of applications for services and clusters of resources where resource clusters may be, for example, a portion of a processor's resources, or a slice of bandwidth. We refer to guaranteed resource clusters as cells. The SwarmOS must be distributed, resource aware, governed by service-level contracts, capable of restricting admission and of guaranteeing access to critical services. It must function in a heterogeneous network, where multiple technologies are combined and where connectivity may be disrupted or only available sporadically.

The SwarmOS will provide a cross-platform implementation of the cell concept, exploiting hardware mechanisms for resource isolation, security, and metering where available. Building on cells, the SwarmOS will provide a variety of standard system services as well as mechanisms for service advertisement and discovery. The outcome of this task will be an operational prototype of the SwarmOS.

Swarm Resources/SwarmOS/Swarmlets Diagram

The SwarmOS mediates services between Swarm Resources and Swarmlets (Ptolemy II MoML version)

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Prior work and other Swarm OSs

  • Richard E. Morley, Dick Morley, "Techshock Caution: Future Under Repair," 2009. Mentions that work on "Swarm OS" happened at the Santa Fe Institute, possibly in the 1980's.
  • http://swarm.org: "Swarm is a kernel and library for the multi-agent simulation of complex systems. The basic architecture of Swarm is a collection of concurrently interacting agents: within this architecture, a large variety of agent based models can be implemented. "
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