Theme 2: Methodologies, Models, and Tools

Theme leaders: Sangiovanni-Vincentelli and Seshia

The complexity of TerraSwarm systems and their safety requirements pose significant challenges for the design of sensing, control, and actuation infrastructures, as well as for application development and deployment. These challenges are compounded by the requirement for on-line adaptation and reconfiguration. TerraSwarm applications need to adapt to the disappearance of resources, recruit useful resources that appear, and adapt services dynamically as part of a utility-driven optimization. There will be less of a distinction between "design time" and "run time," so design techniques, tools, algorithms, and flows must themselves become services that can be recruited online. This is a far bigger challenge than has been previously addressed in the design technology community. One key consequence is that design techniques must be formal and rigorous, or they will not be reliable for on-the-fly reconfiguration, in which there is no opportunity for extensive testing prior to deployment.

See the Tools Workgroup for details.