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Adding and updating publications and presentations
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Updating a pub with the published version
Christopher Brooks, 1 Dec 2016
Last updated: 5 Dec 2016

When a publication is published, it may be uploaded to the TerraSwarm site and replace the prepublication version. It is not necessary to update the SRC site.

Be careful about violating the copyright of the publisher. It is best if we include a DOI that points to the publication instead of uploading a pdf.

If you upload a PDF, then it is OK to upload a camera-ready version that is what the author submitted to the publisher.

It is almost never OK to upload a PDF that has the page decorations from the publication. If you do upload a pdf like this, then be sure it is not world-readable. It is better to upload a DOI and make the publication world-readable.

  1. Important:When before uploading the published version of a publication, be sure to copy and save the link to the SRC site for that publication.
  2. Upload the camera-ready copy to the publication. Answer the question:
    Is this a prepublication? no
    This will toggle the prepublication flag and hide the link to the SRC website. See One of the publication links is missing! (Toggle Prepub flag)
  3. Upload the link to the SRC site.
  4. Search to see if the publication has already been published. If it has, then note the volume, page number and DOI.